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A sweet, vanilla flavour with some buttery coffee on the exhale. Such a sugary, tasty bud, great for depression, chronic pain, headaches and stress.

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Like its name suggests, the Sugar Cookie strain has a very sweet, vanilla flavor with a taste of buttery coffee on the exhale. The aroma from the Sugar Cookie cannabis strain is surprisingly fruity and tropical in nature with a buttery vanilla smell that’s released as the nugs are burned.

The high you get from the Sugar Cookie marijuana strain is just as addicting as the flavor, with full-bodied effects that are great for ending a long and stressful day when sleep just won’t come. The high starts with a euphoric lift that will leave you feeling happy and relaxed without any change in energy. As this high builds and builds, and inevitably starts to burn out, you may fall into a sleepy state that often ends in a nice long nap. Because of these effects and its high 20-22% average THC level, the Sugar Cookie strain is perfect for treating conditions such as depression, chronic pain, eye pressure, headaches, and chronic stress.

Sugar Cookie buds have dense long bright neon green nugs with vivid orange hairs and a coating of chunky amber colored crystal trichomes.  This cannabis strain is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) created by crossing the infamous Sensi Star, with Crystal Gale and Blue Hawaiian. Not to be confused with the classic Girl Scout Cookies, this strain is in a league all of its own.

Galaxy MJ get’s this from a local, small batch grower located near Abbotsford/Langley, British Columbia! Supplies are limited!

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 6 cm
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Balanced Hybrid


1g, 1/8oz (3.6g), 1/4oz (7.1g), 1/2oz (14.2g), 1oz (28.4g)

2 reviews for Sugar Cookie Strain – Sativa Hybrid Bud – Galaxy MJ

  1. Dubey Dave

    WOW, This is melt in your mouth goodness for sure!! MMmmmmmmm

  2. Shawn Jansen (verified owner)

    Ordered a lil bit of this stuff not long ago and it was some real good stuff. Great high and taste

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