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Add THC to any recipe that has oil or butter in it! THC distillate lacks any taste, or smell and is perfect for baking, but it can be smoked too! Food safe and ready to use!

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This is a 1000mg of pure THC distillate, that you can add to your baked goods! You can also smoke it, by doing dabs or even dipping a joint in it!

Now available in 4g syringes!

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As the name would suggest, this has been distilled in a lab and only contains THC. There is no flavour, or smell, CBD, Terpenes, or other cannabinoids that would be found in a full spectrum extract. However, this makes it ideal in baking and can easily be added to anything that has an oil or butter base without affecting the end flavour!

You can use this THC Distillate syringe to add THC to any recipe that has oil or butter in it! All you need to do is get the THC into the butter, or some other type of oil. You can use Olive, Coconut, Vegetable, or even Canola oil, but I prefer real butter.

Check out our article and instructions on Baking with THC Distillate!

You will not be disappointed with any of Galaxy MJ’s products,  they’re sure to take you to a new galaxy!

Covid and Food Safe! – Syringes are wiped with alcohol, and packaged in a sterile environment using gloves and masks.

Short Path Distillation Equipment

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2 reviews for 1000mg THC Distillate Syringe – Galaxy MJ

  1. Dubey Dave

    I made some cookies with this, and everyone loved them!!

  2. strummer

    Nice buzz but messy

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