Afgoo Strain – Diamonds in Sauce – Galaxy MJ

Saucy, and full of Bling, these Afgoo Diamonds are a stoners best friend! Delicious and perfect for the dab rig, these Diamonds from Galaxy MJ will make you fly! Limited Stock!

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The Afgoo Cannabis Strain has an aroma that’s skunky and sweet, similar to pine, and the flavor is similar. The high is centered almost entirely on the body, with a calming euphoric sensation and a happy mood. The effect can be sleep-inducing and often comes with strong hunger. It’s an effective treatment for depression, chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, and anxiety.

The Afgoo Strain is another name for Afgooey, a cross of an unknown sativa from Maui and an unknown indica from Afghanistan. It’s a good nighttime strain with strong indica genetics and strong THC levels, passing 28% in some tests.

These are small batch made Indica Diamonds in Sauce, perfect for dabs!
Galaxy MJ – Launching you into a new dimension!

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  1. Dubey Dave

    The best of the concentrates for sure!! Lots of crystals in an amazing smelling sauce!

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