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These Pink Island Kush Indica THCA Diamonds are a Connoisseurs must have, and any stoners best friend! Vanilla Skunk, happy indica bliss. Only the best ;-}

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THCA DIAMONDS!!! These are the real deal!

Known by several names, THCA Diamonds are “The world’s most expensive hash”. Made by crystallizing a terpene rich fluid called “sauce” under immense heat and pressure, over a long period of time. These are actually grown! And are the most concentrated form of THCA you can get! Google it and check them out!

Lab made, 99% pure THCA, with 1% being terpenes and other cannabinoids.
These are all “dry” indica diamonds, not just a couple diamonds in a bunch of sauce. Product is as pictured in the jars!

Pink Island Kush Indica Strain:

Pink Island Kush, aka Island Pink Kush, or simply “Island Pink,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the delicious Pink Kush with another unknown indica hybrid strain.

Pink Island Kush is perfect for any indica lover who appreciates a delicious flavor. Aromas of pungent skunk mixed with fresh vanilla and sweet florals, and a flavor that follows the same profile. Sweet vanilla candy overtone accented by fresh flowery skunk and earth. The high from this Island Pink Kush cannabis is just as addictive as the flavor, with lifted and relaxing effects that are perfect for kicking back with friends.

The high starts with an influx of cerebral euphoria, launching you into a state of pure happiness and hazy bliss. As your mind soars, you’ll start to feel a lightly tingly body high sneaking up on you, before it suddenly takes ahold and drops you into a state of pure relaxation and ease. Island Pink Kush marijuana is perfect for treating chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea, insomnia, and depression.

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Only the best! Forget the rest ;-}
Galaxy MJ products are always top quality and your happiness is guaranteed!
Made in BC, and delivered from Mission/Abbotsford to the entire Fraser Valley! We also ship across Canada!


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