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A strong, beautiful, sweet smelling crumble that looks and feels like cake crumbs. Sprinkle on a bowl, in a joint or in your dab rig. Pink Island Crumble by Galaxy MJ will take you away!

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Crumble Wax (or just crumble, or budder/butter) is an extract that’s made in a very similar way to Shatter. However; it’s whipped and heated at the end, during the vacuum purging process.

The end result, is a very dry, crumbly (sometimes described as waxy) extract that is very much like soft cake crumbs. It’s one of the dryest forms of Cannabis concentrate on the market, and can be dabbed, sprinkled on a bowl, or into a joint.

It adds a very nice flavour to joints, and that’s my favorite way to smoke it. It’s a lot easier to ‘crumble’ into your joint than shatter is.

Batch #2427 – MK Ultra Crumble
This is a strong smelling, hard hitting strain that has hypnotic powers that immediately affect you. Made in small batches using quality buds, packed in glass containers and sealed in black bags to prevent degradation. Galaxy MJ is committed to bringing the best cannabis products, and they sure due with this one!

The Island Pink marijuana strain is the perfect indica-dominant hybrid for the end of a long day. While pungent and skunky, this plant allures you with its delicate sweetness and uplifting high. In high doses, however, this indica-dominant flower can inspire some heavy eyelids. Those hoping to take advantage of the happy and care-free qualities of this strain should consider sticking to low doses.

The physical effects of this plant are strong. Fast-acting and heavy-hitting, this herb quickly inspires strong feelings of euphoria. Happy and blissful, you may soon notice rumbling in your stomach after a few tastes of this plant. So, make sure you have some snacks on hand!

The burst of happiness and mental stimulation this plant provides paves the way for a more heavy-lidded and tranquil experience. It’s wise to save this flower for evening or nighttime consumption when you don’t have to worry about getting things done.

This flower is a new kid on the block. While the genetics of this strain are a bit obscure, this plant is expected to be an indica-dominant hybrid. However, some phenotypes of this plant may express more sativa-like characteristics.

Regardless of the lineage, this plant has a reputation for producing up to 20 percent THC. While cannabis veterans will love this plant, novices or those sensitive to the psychoactive may find that this flower inspires some paranoia.

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Indica Hybrid


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