Huckleberry Soda Strain – Indica Hybrid Bud

With a sweet berry aroma and flavour, and a lighter smoke than most indicas, this very purple bud is good for daytime use.

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Pungent, fruity and so very purple, this 80/20 hybrid is characterized by a strong Indica kick and wonderful, tart-sweet berry flavor. Known for a bodacious body high, Huckleberry Soda #4 offers multifaceted enjoyment options whether out on the town or relaxing at home. THC concentration varies and while it’s been measured at between 6% to 26, it typically hovers around 17-18%.

Considered a low production strain Huckleberry Soda will be cultivated in small batches and lower quantities.  These limited harvests means you should get them while you can as they are not guaranteed to be around for long.

Galaxy MJ gets this from a local, small batch grower located near Abbotsford, British Columbia! Supplies are limited!

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 cm
Strain Type

Indica Hybrid


1/8oz (3.6g), 1/4oz (7.1g), 1/2oz (14.2g), 1oz (28.4g)


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